Backroom Girl Scout Cookie Dealing

Steven loves GS Cookies

I confess! I have become an illegal Girl Scout Cookie dealer!

And Steven Seagal is coming for me!

Funny thing is, I’m probably one of the few people you’ll meet who DOESN’T eat Girl Scout Cookies.

It all started by accident. A friend of mine from work has her daughter in Girl Scouts and when cookie time cam around this year, she (by her own admission) over-promised the amount of cookies she would be able to sell. It didn’t help that she got sick during cookie selling season and couldn’t take he daughter out.

So, left with a spare room full of cases of cookies, she did what any self-respecting mother would do: she used her “connections” to “get the word out.”

Like most workplaces, we aren’t allowed to solicit among each other or post non work-related flyers anywhere. But, if you have the will, the information will get out.

Being a good daughter, I hooked my mom up with a couple of boxes of Thin Mints (her favorites) and brought them to her church congregation. Well, someone saw me slip them to her and the word got out. Next thing I know, I have church ladies sidling up to me and saying “So, I hear you know somebody who has some leftover Girl Scout Cookies…” or something like that.

Every Sunday since then, I find myself bringing bags of cookies and slipping them under peoples’ chairs in Sunday school. My friend loves me as I’ve helped her offload most of her cookies and she can now see her window again.

It makes me nervous though. I feel like someone out there are going to bust me and ship me off to Cookie Jail. I know it probably won’t happen. The Girl Scouts has their money and my friend is only charging the authorized¬†price for the cookies to make her money back. Everything is above board except for the fact that we’re selling the cookies “out of season.”

Just do me a favor. If you see Steven Seagal lurking around the corner anywhere near me, please let me know. That way I can throw some Peanut Butter Patties and Lemonades at him and get away while he is distracted.

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