You may be asking yourself “How did someone so AWESOME become such an awesome instructional designer?” It’s a great question. Part of me is still trying to find the answer to it. All I remember is being a young adult with an English degree with one dream: finding a job that required an English degree!

I love LEARNING new things! When I was a kid, I was always following my parents and grandparents around watching them as they cooked dinner or repaired a ceiling fan. If I was lucky, I got to pass them a screwdriver or lick the bowl.

I also love being CREATIVE. I can’t help it. It leaks out into my life in surprising ways. I sketch, doodle, quilt, interior design (for myself only), make up new recipes (shared upon request), and spend too much time asking myself “What if…” questions.

Now that I’m a “grown up” and I still love learning things and being creative. More than that, I love finding ways to SHARE that knowledge to the people who really need it in creative ways. When I’m not teaching myself plumbing, quilting or Tai Chi, I’m teaching others the skills they need to make them more effective, dynamic, and well-rounded leaders and employees.

Sooo…I’ll be honest here. This is not my primary blog. If you want to really learn more about me, check out my site alissagalyean.com and my main blog there.