Umm…? – Week 4 Reflections

dVJNUJlVS6yeyEYhtJIL_Confused Mark Wahlberg.gif

Yeah…that was me this week.

I really enjoyed my Daily Creates this week. They help me get the creative juices starting in the week and just have fun interacting with the rest of the class. My DS106 Assignment Bank Design creation brought back one of my favorite childhood memories and gave me the opportunity to share that memory and the single best piece of advice anyone has ever given me.

I needed that advice this week.

I really struggled with our required reading. I’m a very practical person when I’m learning something new, my first question is “How can I use this in what I do?” The learning that I create and deliver for my work is very practice-oriented either focusing on developing job-related skills including software, guest service, and leadership skills. I don’t see myself moving into the more academic side of learning anytime soon so it’s a case of having a lot of great information about how blogging can create communities and learning spaces, but not really having a way to apply that information to my own learning practices.

I also struggled with my interest-driven reading. I wanted to challenge myself and look at the “dark side” of being eccentric. It was hard to see traits that I see in myself and my family as being part of a diagnosis for a “disorder.” True, we may not be eccentric to the point of having the disorder, but it concerns me how subjective the criteria for being “different” or “outside of the norm” is. Yes, my father does sometimes like to mow his lawn wearing safari gear complete with the safari hat but how is that abnormal compared with the soccer mom who gets dressed up complete with hair and make-up just to take her child to practice on Saturday morning?

I guess normal and abnormal, like success and failure, is all relative.


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