Some Days Are Better Than Others – Week 2 Reflections

This week went a lot better, and a lot faster, than last week. Unlike last week, I had the time and mental space to be able to plan out my week and how I would approach each assignment and take my time to find a story and article that touched on my interest. The daily creates have become fun and challenging to do. I’ve enjoyed seeing what my classmates and others outside the class have done. I enjoyed trying out the Audio Assignment this week. It was interesting to take an outside auditory examination of my morning routine. I never realized before how fast I get ready and all the steps that I have to take before I even make it out the door in the morning.

One advantage to being back at home in Las Vegas after being on the road for work last week is that the wonderful summer weather here gives you absolutely no reason to want to go outside and enjoy the scenery. I can stay indoors and work on school without feeling like I’m missing anything. Plus, I’m back in my comfort zone where I have the mental space to organize myself how I need to so I can concentrate on school.

On reading my advice to myself in my last reflection, I went back through the syllabus and read it again, highlighting some key information I had previously overlooked.  While the syllabus assignments I downloaded doesn’t match the one on the blog completely, it’s close enough that I can use it to track my work and pace myself so that I can keep moving, one foot in front of the next, until I don’t keep having to check where my feet are.

After some careful searching, I found a great article on on my interest topic. The article did a great job helping me focus in on how I want to approach my topic. It was also helpful for me to see that even “experts” still can’t define what is considered normal behavior and that the definition they posit is just as confusing and contradictory as that of society at large.

Compared to last week, I feel like I have a better handle on this class and what I am learning from it. I haven’t completed my read response yet. I want to make second pass through Lankshear & Knobel and An Open Letter to My Students. I also want to reflect some more on my interest-driven reading. There were some great points that resonated and I want to see if they continue to have the same impact a second time through.


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